Client Testimonials


Tina & Foster

Apprehensive but determined I finally decided to get some hands on help with my ground work. Claudia came highly recommended from a close friend so I felt it was worth a shot.

I had only 2 goals: lead my horse quietly around my neighbourhood and be able to lunge quietly. Sounds simple, but with a 16 year old TB who could get very highly strung I felt daunted and nervous to start.

Claudia, from the first second of interacting with us, set about helping me define and redefine both the horses and my own boundaries. Day one I began to lead, not without issues, but Claudia was right there to give me the confidence and take the lead rope when things got too much for us both. Over the weeks that followed we quickly moved forward and before I knew it, I was doing the leading and feeling confident. That in itself was an massive milestone for myself and my horse, we learned life lessons that we used and still use every day. Claudia was patient when I got nervous but gave me clear calm instructions. My horse responded so well to Claudia and I in these sessions, he seemed to love the fact he could walk calmly about without being stressed. Just amazing to accomplish goal 1 in such a short period of time. Something I thought would take forever, if ever.

The next goal that we worked on very quickly was the round pen. Claudia did the first round pen to guage my horse and keep everyone safe, but quickly after I was invited in to learn how to read and move my horse. Again, this was an incredible experience. My 'crazy highly strung horse' was actually not so crazy at all, he was playful and cheeky and liked to let loose a bit before calming himself. Claudia gave me the confidence to see this side of him and work with him in a way I never thought possible. He looked forward to our early Saturday morning sessions and our connection grew as a result: priceless, fun and life changing for both myself and my horse. A true unflappable horsewoman. Thank you Claudia for a life changing experience!

Tina & Foster


Dani & Perona

I came to Claudia after taking about five years off from riding competitively. After selling my horse to go to University, I bounced around trying out different coaches and lease horses but nothing seemed to stick. My relationship with the sport was changing, and without competitions to help me benchmark goals and progress, I was missing a sense of fulfillment. 

When I began my lease on Perona, our first few lessons together we worked on getting back my strength, balance, position and confidence. Perona would happily go around with her head straight up in the air focused intently on everyone and anyone except me. Instead of forcing her into a contact, Claudia coached me to focus on developing a feel for moments when I was being truly effective or ineffective, and to identify where the resistance was stemming from. From each lesson I would take home a set of exercises/tools that I could apply when riding on my own, and an understanding of when/why each was needed. Claudia helped us to identify goals centred around the quality of our connection. This was not for the sake of testing at a certain level or jumping at a certain height, but for attaining the incredible feeling  when Perona was, happy, relaxed, through in her body, and with me 100%. Together we found out that this is the feeling that I love, and this is the thing I want to work towards. 

A coach and a mentor in the truest sense, Claudia continues to support me down a path of growth and development that is fulfilling and so much fun. She brings an intellect and thoughtfulness to her approach that I have never experienced before. Without her, I am positive that I would not have re-discovered my passion for this sport, and something would forever be missing from my life. Thank you a million times over!


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